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  • Avant Pop?

    (This is from 2000, or maybe 2001 – an old project from my degree course, relating to emerging hypertextual literature. The original is gone, I fished this out of the Wayback Machine, and I’m keeping a copy here. Links are all missing, presumed broken.)

  • What the Robot Reporter learned from 10,000 news tweets

    In January 2015 I put together a simple twitterbot called Robot Reporter. The idea was to see if I could keep track of breaking news by monitoring Twitter for the journalists who use it as a way to find images of newsworthy events. It works a little like this. Something happens, and a user photographs it: Fire…

  • The NewZealand Arcade Machine Story

    The NewZealand Arcade Machine Story

    When I was a kid, I used to go for swimming lessons in the local leisure centre. In the lobby there were three machines: one that vended miscellaneous swimming items (cheap goggles, earplugs, etc), one that sold various less-than-healthy snacks, and one arcade game machine playing a game called The NewZealand Story. I never played…

  • Japan on a budget, 1: Planes, Trains and Hotels

    I’ve now been learning Japanese for about three years – long enough to get a decent grip on everyday verbs, adjectives and nouns, and to start wrestling with kanji (80ish, so far). But there’s only so far you can get by speaking for 90 minutes per week in classes. So, I hatched a plan: to…