Stop WordPress Registration Spam

Since I’m thinking about all things WordPress, I’ve updated my Custom Captcha for WordPress into a proper plugin called Stop Registration Spam. The idea is the same as before: to prevent automated registrations, and the spam that comes with them, by posing a question that will be simple for your visitors to answer, but impossible […]

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A new look

I realised the other day that it’s been almost five years since I erased everything on this web server and installed WordPress. At the time, I wrote: .. I’ll also put the old CSS design, or something like it, back as soon as I can convert it to a WordPress theme. For the meantime, though, […]

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How to: Remain Calm on Comment Is Free

Comment is free, but reading below the line could cost your sanity. So here’s how to remove the temptation. I’ve now been asked a few times about a version of Kitten Block to remove below-the-line comments from news websites, and the Guardian’s Comment is Free in particular. The good news is that it’s generally very […]

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