Personal Projects

I like to make things, for some reason. This is a list of some of the less daft ones.


  • Dot GNE – A simple, secure personal photo site, designed for storing family photos without uploading them to, for example, Facebook. Runs on Heroku, stores images in S3 with secure transient URLs. It’s what I use here, and the code’s in Github.

Browser Plugins:

  • Make America Kittens Again (link, Github) – removes Donald Trump from the internet, but sadly not the real world. As featured everywhere.
  • Kitten Block for Firefox (link), Chrome (link, Github) – Prevents access to the Daily Mail and Daily Express. As featured in the Guardian and New Statesman (sample comment: “this is typical of the fascist left”).
  • Ukitten – a way to block Nigel Farage’s stupid face from your life. As featured on Buzzfeed and others.

WordPress Plugins:

  • Stop Registration Spam (link) – A simple plugin to prevent spam registrations by amending the default WordPress registration form.

On the Web:

  • Japan on a Budget ( – travel guides to visiting the Japan beyond the Tokyo area (particularly Shikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido) on a low budget.
  • Tea and Kittens ( – A website showing, er, pictures of tea and kittens (as you might have guessed).

All my personal iOS apps are now long-since off sale, as the proliferation of different devices and screen sizes made keeping them up-to-date just too arduous for a part-time developer.

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