Monitoring a CrowdCube investment page via email

CrowdCube is a service for crowd-funding – a little like Kickstarter, in that people pledge money to a project in exchange for something in return, but in this case that something is shares in the business. In most cases it allows investors to invest as little as £10, and there are often tiered additional rewards as well.

Our friends at 1854 Media have recently opened a CrowdCube page to raise investment, here – and I wanted to keep an eye on how it was going.

The investment value can easily be read off the page, so over here on Github you’ll find a ready-to-use monitoring script. This installs the script, a free Postgres database and a scheduler – add a Postmark email key, set an hourly trigger, and it’ll send you a note every time the value increases.

I’ve also set it up with a Heroku button installer – this uses the app.json config file to initiate a new app complete with any required add-ons and prompt you for the needed config variables. Neat!

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