iPhone SE Review

I recently traded in my somewhat worn iPhone 5S for the newer SE. Before buying I read a load of reviews, none of which answered the three questions I had. So, after about a month’s use, here they are:

1) Is it noticeably quicker than the iPhone 5S?

Yes, but only in a few apps. Safari’s quicker to render some pages. Pokemon Go runs beautifully, when it was a bit laggy on the 5S.

2) Is the camera actually any better?

Yes, it autofocuses much more quickly. Good for snapping moving cats / wriggling babies.

3) Is the device itself distinguishable from a 5S in any way?

It has “SE” on the back, and that’s about it. It feels as solid, too – I’ve already dented the case, with no ill-effects.

So there you go.

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