Lotto? It’s not. Oh.


Look what landed on my doormat – a free EuroMillions lotto ticket! TL/DR: except it’s not. But it’s slightly interesting, so:

If you visit the website (, registered to one Michael Frayling, address obscured), you’ll be asked to click through to, where you’ll be offered the chance to ‘Play lotto securely’, and you’ll see your ‘EuroMillions ticket’ with ‘One free EuroMillions line’ worth £2:


In order to claim it, you’ll have to login. To login, you’ll have to create an account. To do that, you have to confirm that you’ve read the Terms and Conditions. Which include:

The Website enables Players to place Bets on the results of official or state-run lotteries such as the European “Euro Millions” and “Euro Jackpot”, the American “Powerball” und “Mega Millions” as well as the German “Lotto 6 aus 49”, “Spiel 77”, “Super 6” and “Glücksspirale”.

So what you’re getting is not a ticket for the lottery (EuroMillions or otherwise). It’s a free bet on the outcome of the EuroMillions with a bookmaker based – and fully licensed to take such a bet – in Gibraltar. But of course anyone using the site would read those terms and realise that.

Interestingly, LottoLand crops up in evidence given by Camelot (the National Lottery operator) to Parliament this year:

Lottery-style betting games

For example, for a number of years we have expressed concern about mainstream gambling companies, especially (but not exclusively) those operating off-shore, potentially leading players into thinking they are playing a lottery when they are actually betting on its outcome, in what are known as lottery-style games. The most recent examples that have been flagged to the Gambling Commission include its licensees Arsenal Lotto, MyLotto and Lottoland.

In the case of Lottoland and we also believe that certain of their games need to be carefully considered in the context of the betting licence condition mandated by Section 95 of the Gambling Act 2005, which prohibits the taking of bets on the outcome of a lottery which forms part of The National Lottery.

(Section 95 of the Gambling Act 2005 can be found here. Lottoland is based in Gibraltar, and as such is subject to the law of that territory, not the UK.)

Oh, and the UK EuroMillions website is here – complete with a slightly different logo.

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