18 Months in (mostly) cats

I’ve had my iPhone for 18 months now, and for most of that time it’s been the best camera I’ve had to hand – so I’ve taken thousands of photos. Most of them never left the phone, but now that I’m about to take a screwdriver to it (busted headphone jack) I thought I’d rifle through and see if there’s anything worth saving.

Perhaps unsurprisingly: lots of cat photos. And so, here’s 18 months in (mostly) cat-snaps.

First up, Ralph, clearly puzzled by the shiny new gadget being shoved in his face:

Year in Cats-0013

Shortly after getting the phone, I was off to Kyoto and Hiroshima – Ralph helped to pack:

Year in Cats-0017

.. but I left the new phone at home. On my return, Hunter was just puffing around being cute.

Year in Cats-0043

Next up, lots of photos of Helen and I packing. The cats helped out by snoozing on the boxes:

Year in Cats-0053

.. then came the terrifying day of moving house:

Year in Cats-0083

.. and further terror in our new place.

Year in Cats-0089

They didn’t come out for a day. Suddenly, though, a Ralph appeared:

Year in Cats-0094

.. and a furball:

Year in Cats-0125

.. it took a while before they could deal with the concept of two floors, though.

Year in Cats-0151

Soon, Christmas. Out came a bemused reindeer:

Year in Cats-0246

Lots of boxes:

Year in Cats-0290

And a real fire. Ralph wasn’t an immediate fan:

Year in Cats-0300

But Hunter seems chilled out about it.

Year in Cats-0305

As it turns out, Ralph was well aware that the shower was incorrectly installed, and likely to fail under pressure. If only we’d understood his staring at it before the explosion of water that burst through the wall and down through a light fitting (sigh):

Year in Cats-0509

The furball didn’t even notice.

Year in Cats-0513

Winter, and a cold snap. We built a Snowtoro:

Year in Cats-0565

The cats just nested together.

Year in Cats-0538

Actually, it looks like Hunter loved that blanket too much to share it:

Year in Cats-0666

Then spring, thank god:

Year in Cats-0754

Dim Sum:

Year in Cats-0829

Dimmer tabloid journalism:

Year in Cats-0865

and we grow cat grass. Hunter mostly ignored it:

Year in Cats-0883

Cherry blossom sprang up outside:

Year in Cats-1003

Ralph popped up inside.

Year in Cats-1062

Summer rolled around. I become marginally obsessed with grass (never owned any before..)

Year in Cats-1163

Hunter develops a taste for the books on our overflow bookcase:

Year in Cats-1167

.. and Ralph just hung out with Helen.

Year in Cats-1239

I think this was Jeremy Hunt:

Year in Cats-1277

.. a man whose intelligence appears to be less than that of Hunter, who is wearing a sock. On his head.

Year in Cats-1315

Anyhow, summer. I find myself eating pizza in Brooklyn:

Year in Cats-1367

Meanwhile, back at home, oh dear..

Year in Cats-1465

This is Hunter’s unimpressed face:

Year in Cats-1559

(Ralph, meanwhile, was getting increasingly annoyed by the film crew from Grand Designs constantly staking out his new modernist house with geometric windows)

Year in Cats-1626


Year in Cats-1634

Annual vet visit time. Ralph was unimpressed. Hunter cried like a siren. Both were fine.

Year in Cats-1692

Although apparently the vet missed his HUGE ENORMOUS PAWS.

Year in Cats-1782

Summer. Too hot. Flump.

Year in Cats-1860

Then MangaCamera for iPhone is released, and for a few weeks everything looks like this:

Year in Cats-2045

And then autumn. I find myself in Tohoku, Japan, looking at this:

Year in Cats-2190

.. and drinking this:

Year in Cats-2205

.. then suddenly, a cat bus.

Year in Cats-2249

Back at home it’s great weather for cycling:

Year in Cats-2494

Or, you know, not.

Year in Cats-2500

Off on a plane again..

Year in Cats-2600

And back to Christmas with this guy, who’s pleased we lost the antlers:

Year in Cats-2790

To Germany, and a press thing whose strangeness has been well documented. Ate some nice cake, though:

Year in Cats-3045

Ralph was unimpressed by my gifts from duty free:

Year in Cats-3125

Anyhow. Blanket time.

Year in Cats-3207

New job. New office to set up. Long hours. Slight drop-off in cat photos..

Year in Cats-3271

.. but I did find out what’s going wrong with our PVR box:

Year in Cats-3606

And that’s about it. I think these guys had a pretty good time, really. If the iPhone survives surgery, I’ll probably take a thousand more next year.

Year in Cats-3407

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