A new look

Kyoto - Sunset

I realised the other day that it’s been almost five years since I erased everything on this web server and installed WordPress. At the time, I wrote:

.. I’ll also put the old CSS design, or something like it, back as soon as I can convert it to a WordPress theme. For the meantime, though, this is it.

And, predictably, I never got around to doing anything of the sort. Instead I installed the standard Kubrick theme, tweaked it a bit, and used that. And over the years, as screens got bigger and bandwidth got cheaper, I tweaked it again and again, increasing the space available for photos and hacking the background, until it looked rather out of proportion.

Time to sort that out, then.

So, this is it – a new look, and the first WordPress template I’ve coded from scratch: all new php templates, all new css, all new Typekit fonts, all valid XHTML and a thing at the top to show off my latest photos from Flickr. I never liked the sidebar much, so that’s gone, but all the functions it held are now in the top menu. If you see any bugs or strangeness, please let me know.

2 responses to “A new look”

  1. Nat@London says:

    Very nice – crisp, clear and uncluttered.

    Not enough cats though!

  2. Tom Royal says:

    Thanks – oh, and the cats are around here somewhere. I think they’re lurking on the 404 error page:

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