How to: Read Flickr API JSON via jQuery

I always prefer to read API data in XML, but there are times when that becomes problematic – especially due to cross domain access policies. If you’re working on a single app it’s possible to solve that by proxying the XML with a local PHP script, but if you’re working with the browser only – […]

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On text on the iPad

Since the launch of the newer, shinier iPad, some people are unhappy with iPad magazines. Here’s an example that’s been floating around Twitter: One of the limitations of The New Yorker app for iOS becomes even more apparent while reading on the new iPad’s high resolution retina display. I’ve noticed in the past that the […]

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Man bites dog. Dog buys iPad 3.

Newsworthiness is hard to define. Web traffic is simple to measure. I wonder if the Telegraph website has run anything about the iPad 3 launch? Telegraph, 9th Feb: Apple iPad 3 announcement ‘in early March’ Technology blog The Verge, citing “people familiar with the product”, says that the new iPad will have double the screen […]

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