The Jubilee Rocket

Wrote this for the Government e-petitions thing, but it’s prohibited by the terms and conditions*. Perhaps the private sector could step in?

Education Secretary Michael Gove MP has proposed that, in this Jubilee Year, the UK taxpayer should fund the construction of a new Royal Yacht at a cost of around £60M.

Although this would provide a welcome boost to our shipbuilding industry, the UK should, in 2012, be aiming higher. We, the undersigned, propose that the money be spent on constructing a ‘Jubilee Rocket’. The Jubilee Rocket would showcase the best of the UK’s innovation and technology industries, and its construction would create many thousands of jobs.

By aiming straight for the Sun, it would surpass rival space programmes, putting the UK back at the forefront of international innovation. The rocket would be one-way only (these are times of austerity), and the prestigious role of pilot would, naturally, be awarded to Mr Gove.

* ‘Jokes’ are banned. I was actually rather serious.

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