Restore CSS Justice!

Restore Justice is a fairly odious campaign to distract popular attention from the numerous failings of the coalition government obtain a parliamentary vote on the possible restoration of the death penalty in the UK. It has a website at, which looks like this:

So. Quite apart from crimes against Photoshop and dubious politics (and the total absence of information on who’s behind it, and the lack of a charity number, and the soliciting of donations..), doesn’t the website look familiar? Here’s the website of the charity Reprieve UK, which represents the rights of prisoners, today:

Almost identical. Of course, both sites use the popular WordPress blogging engine, so it could be that both are using the same free or paid-for theme – the fact that the two look almost identical doesn’t mean that one has copied code from the other.

But take a moment to check the CSS style sheet on the Restore Justice website:

.. and wait, what’s this? A number of styles even hard-link to images on the Reprieve server. Stay classy, ‘law and order’ campaigners – and the idiots behind this should probably count themselves lucky that Reprieve didn’t get around to doing a bit of clever server-side redirection on those images.

I’m sure we can all agree that what’s needed is a “Restore CSS Justice” campaign, in which web designers found to be using other people’s work have their own styles cut off one by one until their website begins to resemble something shown in Netscape 4.x back in the late ’90s. Anyone care to donate?

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