Ah, screenshots..

How to take a screenshot in Apple iOS:

  1. Push both buttons simultaneously

How to take a screenshot in Google’s Android:

  1. Root the phone
  2. Install Screenshot It (£2.50)
  3. Use that app

How to take a screenshot in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7:

  1. Attach handset to tripod with Blu-tak
  2. Attach DSLR to another tripod
  3. Place the two 40cm apart
  4. Focus camera
  5. Darken room
  6. Adjust camera exposure
  7. Take a photo of the stupid bastard thing
  8. Put photo through Lightroom and Photoshop to fix colours and crop

So in order: simple, a bit clunky but fine if you’re a geek, and an unmitigated pain in the arse. Hmm.

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