The Catprentice

Who will Sir BusinessCat choose as his apprentice, and who will get fired? A test using a chromakey sheet and the Creative Vado HD camera I bought the other day.

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How to shop in an Apple Store

For reasons that are complicated, I’ve recently changed my work computer to a shiny new Macbook Pro. It’s very nice (8GB of memory makes everything easier), but comes with a mini DisplayPort connector that’s ideal for connecting to displays that do not exist in real life. Adding VGA (still the standard for generic meeting-room projectors) […]

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In which Anne Diamond offers medical advice by post

This week we received an interesting letter from “Life Line Screening” – a company apparently conducting health screenings in Lewisham this month. Or rather, the letter came “from broadcaster and health campaigner, Anne Diamond”, with a photo to prove it: As in The Sun newspaper, the bold text spells out the key messages so you […]

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