A modest proposal..

A quick idea inspired by facepalming at the comments on a Guardian Tech story for the umpteenth time: for any news story regarding the activities of one Apple Inc, it might be helpful to use the following form rather than any generic comments template. Online Form – Apple News Comments HTML Form Creator

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OMFG Snoopy Moleskines!

I’ll write about my lifelong obsession with Peanuts cartoons at some other point, and yes, I’m aware that the pile of black notebooks on my desk makes me a walking media cliché. Nonetheless, and via Giles Booth, please enjoy these credit card draining yet absolutely wonderful Moleskine notebooks with Peanuts characters. Available in large lined, […]

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Republishing Tumblr via XML in PHP

I love self-hosted WordPress and have used Perch recently, but sometimes you just want to knock up a blog page for someone or something quickly and easily. Last week I wanted to add a blog to the Tea and Kittens site and, while scanning around for options, found out that Tumblr has an amazing XML-based […]

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