Live Southeastern Train Map

Inspired by the triumpth that is the Live map of London Underground trains, I thought I’d knock something similar up for fellow customers (er, “sufferers”) of Southeastern Trains. And here it is! Key to symbols is as follows:

A) Hither Green Station, although it could be pretty much any other station on the line

1) Train cancelled due to snow, hot weather, breakdowns, the gravitational pull of the moon  (delete as applicable).

2) Shortened train already packed to the doors with passengers. Also, not that it matters as you won’t be able to get on, but it’s delayed.

3) Train stopping inexplicably for 20 minutes or so between your station and London Bridge with the heating on, slowly broiling passengers.

Neat, huh? Best of all this map is good for most peak times, and requires no live data feed or API calls. You’re welcome.

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