2010 is, we’re told, the year of 3D television, so February 2010 was the month where I travelled to Vienna to see some of the new sets they’ll be selling very soon. These are actually quite impressive, with the two caveats that they’ll cost a fortune (in the region of £1500-2000) and there’s very little […]

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On Marriage..

This article about marriage is pretty depressing. Not because the number of marriages is falling, you understand. That doesn’t really bother me. But let’s take a look. For the first time ever fewer than 2 in 100 women, over the age of 16, got married in a single year. In 2008 the marriage rate for women […]

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Flash Querystrings in AC_RunActiveContent.js

For the benefit of anyone as baffled as I was half an hour ago: if you try to pass a variable to a SWF via the Querystring (or FlashVars) and it just doesn’t work, try this. For some inexplicable reason it seems to be not covered fully in the Flash documentation. When you publish in […]

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