Windows what now?

Some sort of software thing launched this week, so it was a busy one for us at work. On Wednesday I ended up doing two TV things on one day, starting with the BBC at 6am – in a spirit of shameless self promotion, here’s me on C4’s midday bulletin:

Note the jeans – normally hidden behind a desk on these things – and slightly strobe-prone shirt. Oops. Interesting to see the ITN C4 people at work, though – it was by some way the most complicated TV studio setup I’ve been in, with two huge, mobile cameras being ordered around by the floor manager. On most of the 24 hour channels the cameras stay pretty much in place, fixed on different parts of the desk.

On Thursday I did another unusual bit of TV, this time staring into the black void of a camera with a huge picture of the London skyline behind me and only an earpiece for company. A bit scary, but I think it went quite well. And today I have a piece on the future of home computing in the Sunday Post which, annoyingly, doesn’t appear to be sold anywhere in London.

So, a rather strange but interesting few days. Next week I plan to compensate by doing nothing but play Xbox and drink tea for five days straight.

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