What’s the French for “whistle-stop”?

Versailles - pool

I spent Tuesday rushing to France and back on the Eurostar, attending a Dell press conference at Versailles. About three hours in I spotted this plaque: it turns out the hotel ballroom was used to draft the famous Treaty – now it’s a site for business meetings.

Versailles - Clemenceau suite

At the end of the afternoon a few of us had an hour spare, so we went around the corner to the palace. It’s predictably spectacular:

Versailles - palace

.. and the gardens are something else:

Versailles - gardens

.. but sadly we had no time to do any more than take a quick glance around. At 7pm it was back in a taxi, back to the Gare du Nord, back on the Eurostar and back to London. Eighteen hours, about 1,000km, three press conferences, one interview, two news stories, three glasses of wine underneath the channel and twelve photos here. Not bad for one day.

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