Centre Point

Building site from Centre Point

An incomplete assortment of things I like:

  1. Ascending really tall buildings in cities to gawk from the top
  2. Taking photographs from said tall buildings
  3. Playing with expensive cameras and lenses
  4. All of the above in one morning

Today I was lucky enough to achieve #4 on that list, as Nikon announced its new D5000 DSLR* in the Paramount private members’ club on the top of Centre Point. It was a bit gloomy outside with lots of cloud, but the views were still great. A handful more are on Flickr; I’ll dig through the rest at the weekend.

* In a nutshell: 720p video, D60-like body, swivelling LCD, no AF motor, 11-point AF, £720 or £800 for the kit. I’ll reserve judgment until I give it a proper try.

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