I should really learn to avoid second-hand book shops. Today I managed to avoid buying a Baedeker’s Guide to Great Britain (1898, including a reference to Tring and the Rose and Crown on page 250), but I did come away with this – Valentine’s Snapshots of Aden (12 real photographs for your album):

Valentine's Snapshots - Aden

It is, to use the journalist’s favourite “relative size of familiar objects” scale, about the size of a packet of playing cards. Inside there are twelve monochrome prints. Highlights include Main Street, Crater (note the hats):

Main Street, Crater

Steamer Point:

General view, Steamer Point

And, of course, camels:

Camels bathing in sea

Google turned up a few other similar packets from the same company but nothing on this set, so I’ve uploaded the lot to Flickr lest they should prove interesting or useful to anyone – you can find the pictures in this set. There’s no date on the packet, and the only other information on the packet is a mention of the Star Pharmacy, Aden, so if anyone can date these photos I’d be very interested to know more.

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