Job Guarantee, you say?

You get some amazing stuff through your door living in Lewisham – mostly adverts for quack healers and hellfire priests, though, and as I’m not currently posessed by Satan (well, I think not) they’re of little use. Today’s delivery brought something far better – a Job Guarantee*:

Job Guarantee Flyer

The website – URL removed above – claims that the company is “one of the largest financial training academy’s (sic) in the UK”, which speaks of high standards. But before we all rush out to grab this free training, there’s more on the other side – this time with a different company name (same phone number, mind you) and a Free Laptop*:

Free Laptop

So, it’s a choice between a guaranteed job or free laptop? Tricky. I wonder how many responses they get per hundred flyers, and what kind of training those who apply actually end up getting. Will pull the details from Companies House at work tomorrow and see what’s what.

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