Will somebody please think, etc

This article on the Mail website is stupid enough (the “ice in eyes” thing comes from one teacher, who didn’t even close her school, for example), but check out the top image (after the fifth paragraph if you click the above link, or direct link here).

Now, many Mail articles seem to be designed to direct the irate towards people that they can blame for the various perceived wrongs of society, while simultaneously providing a happy glow of smug moral certainty. So then, blame-fans, let’s see what we have here: snow on the ground, and the weather’s clearly freezing. Kid on the left: T-shirt with no sleeves. Kid on the right: appears to be hugging self for warmth. Hmm. And I’m supposed to blame the school, you say?

There’s no attribution on the image and the quality is pretty poor, so I’m guessing this was sent to the Mail by a reader. Possibly one of the parents of the kids in question. I wonder if said reader actually got these kids to take their coats off just to pose a photo so they could send it off to a newspaper with a caption (“it’s political correctness gone mad”, etc)?

If that’s the case, it strikes me as a pretty good example of irresponsible parenting. I wonder what the Mail’s own pet moral guardians (including Parents Outloud, whose qualification for being relentlessly quoted appears to be a blogger page) would make of it.

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