1.6093km wide of the truth

Yesterday morning we got a Government press release: “Government saves the Pint and the Mile”. This morning, the Express takes the story and runs with it while flicking V signs across the channel as it goes. Lede paragraph:

“THE British pint, mile and ounce were saved yesterday as Brussels finally quit trying to kill them off.”

Fourth para, quote:

Shadow Innovation Secretary David Willetts added: “The pint, the mile and pounds and ounces are part of our country’s rich traditions and it’s great they have now been protected from an absurd attempt by the EU to get rid of them.”

So, EU tries to force UK to go metric, UK resists. Got it. But in the seventh para:

“Yesterday MEPs voted to back the view of the European Commission that letting us keep our imperial system would have no real effect on the wider EU market.”

Those damned Eurocrats, telling us Plucky Brits (copyright The Sun) to keep our imperial measures. Er, what?

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