When I get a cold, I get a hankering for wasabi peas. When I get a hankering for wasabi peas, it’s time to pop round to Arigato on Brewer Street. And when I go to Arigato, I always end up buying so much stuff, not all of which I know how to actually cook. Oops. I blame the packaging.

Today’s case in point: the MokoMoko cake-in-a-mug:


The instructions are entirely in Japanese, but I reckon they come down to mixing the powder with an egg, putting that in a mug then bunging that in the microwave. And then, apparently, the cake will start to sing (inept translation: “it’s a chiffron cake, egg and something, something something, mokomoko, mokomoko, also available in chocolate”*)

Watch this space for more egg-mug-cake action. Possibly with high-def video, who knows.

* Yes, I know. I paid for a year’s tuition, and I’m still clearly unable to translate cake adverts.

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