On Britishness

Found this while desperately searching for a short alternative to the horrible word “Brit” – it’s from the Wikipedia entry for British People:

So representing the entire historical population of this nation we have three Prime Ministers, one engineer, one philosopher, one military figure, one Olympic athlete and, er, a second rate actress. I say we take out Brunel and stuff an X-Factor winner in there for good measure. And that bloke from the Safestyle UK adverts – you know, the crazy one with the hat.

And speaking of Britishness, this courtesy of Google’s suggestion technology (see also this):

As a service to any American readers, here’s the answers: not all of us do (just me), because we always have, because it makes them look like they have baby sheep on their heads and that’s just cute, because we always have, it’s a charity thing, because we always have, you are an idiot. And you are welcome.

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