Show you love your country / Go out and spend some cash

From the BBC’s otherwise fairly interesting article on the politics and ethics of consumer spending comes this wonder of historical ineptitude from one Lucia van der Post (emphasis added):

“The way of austerity and only buying things we strictly need leads to Cambodia under Pol Pot, Afghanistan under the Taleban or China under Mao

Because we all know what Chairman Mao hated most of all: the Selfridges Blue Cross Sale. He utterly despised this annual festival of consumerism. In fact, despite all evidence that he was a ruthless opportunist hell bent on power and willing to take any policitally expedient measure, no matter the human cost, I think you’ll find that the entire history of Communism in China was organised in order to prevent citizens from going out and buying PlayStation 3 consoles using money borrowed from Ocean Finance. Apparently.

And that’s ignoring the ruthless, cutting political naivety required to mentally reduce the rise of the Khmer Rouge and the Taleban to a fictional groundswell of anti-consumerism. Where do they find these people, and what planet do they live on?

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