Poll position

Spent tonight at the British Society of Magazine Editors awards. Gongs were handed out, Grazia won the top award, and Felix Dennis recited a poem – so far, so normal – but most people had something else on their minds. Top marks, in fact, to the editor of Vogue, who collected an award at the oh-so-formal event wearing an Obama 08 t-shirt.

Back at the flat, and with polls on the east coast closed for three hours CNN is projecting 174 to 49 in the electoral college and a 52 to 33 senate split with Florida and North Carolina currently impossible to call. Oh, and Arizona, oddly, is also still listed orange. Everything looks fairly good, in fact. But then hardly any of the votes have actually been counted, and for all CNN’s fancy graphics (and my, are they fancy – Wolf Blitzer has what appears to be a giant iPod Touch that interfaces directly with the collective mind of America, or something) these are only projections based on exit polls. And polls, as we all know, often suck. Bah. I would check Fox for the view-from-mars polls (they’ve probably called California for McCain) but Virgin Media doesn’t carry it. Damn you liberal media, etc.

And now it’s 2am and the exit polls in my brain are reporting 15% drunk, 70% exhausted and 30% no longer able to work out percentage splits, so I’m going to bed. And if things take a turn for the worse overnight, expect me to be grumpy for a while. Like, say, four years.

PS – now they’ve cut to some country music berk in Arizona with the promise of a “major projection”. I’m a sucker, but I’m going to wait for this one.

PPS – this is quite clearly a ploy to make me sit through shitty commercials, and it’s working.

PPPS – 2.40am and Ohio projected to Obama after 15% count (<2m), 55% to 44%. CNN describing Republican position as “very bleak”. CNBC talking about lines being crossed and the size of margins in the senate rather than the overall result. If this is correct, excellent. Now, bed.

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