Beyond Westminster

If you have half an hour to spare, I’d recommend listening to this morning’s edition of Beyond Westminster – here’s an iPlayer Link – which was on (the not at all contentious topic of) religion and politics.

The main body of the programme is fairly interesting – who knew that the press are excluded from the prayers that take place every morning in the House of Commons? – but the discussion at the end is more so. I was particularly interested by the views of A C Grayling – as an atheist I often find my side of any religious discussion represented in a vaguely hysterical manner that strikes me as counterproductive and rude even if well intentioned, so it was nice to hear the whole debate completed in a measured way. Have made a mental note to seek out some of his books.

(As an aside, Richard Dawkins seems to be selling atheism T-shirts. This is bizarre. Also, it appears that theists have all the good typography.)

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