Hack 1, Republican 0

Working into the night brings bad habits to the fore, not least of which is listening to conservative talk radio from Nashville, TN (Supertalk 997 WTN). On the plus side, I did get to hear this gem from the Phil Valentine show, with our intrepid host interviewing one of them liberal types:

Phil Valentine: Did you have Sarah Palin on the cover?
Political writer for Time: No, because we close on Wednesdays, so.
Phil Valentine, mocking: Aaaah, but Newsweek had Palin on the cover..
Political writer for Time, exasperated: Yes. Newsweek closes on Fridays.
Phil Valentine, deflated: Oh.

This comes moments after Valentine mixing up Time magazine with another of its rivals, and minutes before the legendary Diamond Gusset Jeans song. Just amazing.

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