Delicious ( accelerator for IE8 Beta 2

The other day I met some people from Microsoft, who were in London to show off Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. One of the most interesting features – to me, at least – was the new Accelerators menu: if you highlight a block of text in the browser a context menu appears, allowing you to use that information (you could highlight a postcode and send it to Google Maps, for instance).

Personally, I’d like to use this to send items to Delicious, but there doesn’t seem to be an official Accelerator for that yet. In the interim, here’s one I’ve made:

It works in three ways. If you invoke it from a page, that page is sent to be bookmarked. If you invoke it on a link, the target page is sent with the link text as its title. And, more usefully, if you invoke it on some selected text the current page is sent, with the title automatically set and the selected text pre-entered into the notes field. All three methods open Delicious in a new tab, ready for you to add any tags you want.

Three caveats to note:

  • I’ve tested this accelerator in IE8 Beta 2 under XP and Vista, but any use is at your own risk.
  • I am not affiliated with Delicious in any way, and this is not an official Delicious tool.
  • Log into Delicious before using the Accelerator. If you are not logged in some info (notes, title) may not be transferred correctly on first use of the Accelerator.

Quick screenshot of the installed Accelerator:

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