Dear Lewisham readers..

A very quick plea for information: can anyone recommend a double glazing company?

We have a load of knackered Victorian windows that desperately need replacing, but finding someone trustworthy to do the job is proving somewhat tricky. If anyone has any experience of any local companies, I’d love to hear it – thanks.

Due disclosure: as a student I once worked, briefly, for a large double glazing company. My job was to phone people up and ask if they’d like to purchase windows, soffits (no idea) or fascias (ditto), which was in itself pretty loathsome. What made it even more hateful was that I was supposed to be doing so during the World Cup, when many people were less than pleased to be called to the phone and away from the little people kicking a ball inside the television. I’d like to point out in mitigation that I lasted barely two weeks and failed to sell a single product, largely through lack of trying, but I can’t shake the feeling that our current glazing predicament may well be some form of karmic revenge.

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