“love voodoo”

In the town where I grew up we didn’t get a lot of junk mail. I then moved to Birmingham, where my rented house attracted both the usual (pizza flyers, polling cards for residents who moved out decades previously) and the less usual (Scientology literature, cruise ship catalogues and, strangest of all, what appeared to be a brochure for foot fetishists). Not until we moved to Lewisham, however, did we get flyers from various “spiritual healers”.

Many are of the Christian variety, and these are usually quite flashy: a recent glossy flier from Pastor Chris pictured a man, presumably recently healed, holding a wheelchair above his head – sadly, due to some poor Photoshopping, he appeared to be preparing to attack the Houses of Parliament with it. Others, like this one, are a little less designed. Mind you, it turns out that spiritual healers gifted from birth set their advert body text in Gill Sans. Who knew?

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