Wheeeee! (Crunch, clatter, thud)

Of the world’s first, and hopefully last, vertical looping waterslide, assembled in New Jersey’s “Action Park”:

The Loop opened for exactly one month in 1985 before being shut down by New Jersey’s Advisory Board on Carnival Amusement Ride Safety (who knew such a board even existed?). Those who did ride the dubious Loop were lucky if they escaped without bloody noses or a serious back injury. The ride opened for a few days 10 years later before further guest injuries forced a permanent shutdown.

I particularly like the fact that, ten years after it first wreaked havoc on riders’ spines, someone took the decision to re-open the ride – you know, just to see if the rules of gravity had been amended in the preceding decade. Read the article here, or check out the visitor memories here (sample: “Blood, blood, blood. All I remember was blood. All for under 25 bucks a person”). It’s also worth clicking back a few pages to the one that explains how various theme parks are exempt from building safety codes.

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