Bookmarklet generator

Bookmarklets (or favelets) are bookmarks that use Javascript to do something more than simply opening a static page. They’re particularly handy if you regularly search the same websites: rather than opening the website in question, clicking in a search box, entering a term and clicking another button you can simply click a button on your browser, type the search term then press enter. Here’s a sample bookmarklet that searches Google Product Search.

Anyhow, here’s a tool to make your own.

Enter a name for the bookmarklet here (“Search Google”)

Enter the prompt you want to appear (“Search for..”)

Finally, enter the search address (see below)

And clicky here:

Finding the search address, the geek version:

Paste in everything that you want to appear in the URL before the search term. This is normally the website address, plus a bit of querystring, so something like

Finding the search address, in English:

To find the search address, go to the website and search for something. Look at the address of the webpage that this produces. If you go to and search for “banana”, for instance, you’ll get a page with an address like this:

Look at the information included after the main address and you’ll see the word you searched for. Now select and copy everything that’s listed before this word. In this case, we’d copy:

This should be the search address. If you’re not sure, try pasting it into the address bar, typing another word on the end, then pressing Enter. For example, we added “typewriter” to give this address:

This took us to the page of results for “typewriter”, so we know that we’ve correctly identified the search address.

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