Things advertised on right-wing US talk radio

Yes, I’m still obsessed with internet radio. Anyhow, an incomplete list but representative sample:

  1. A school that trains postmen/women on how to avoid dog bites
  2. Enlarged prostate therapy courses (over 3,000 performed, no less)
  3. Diamond gusset jeans (website, includes godawful jingle)
  4. A treatment for itchy eyeballs (finally!)
  5. A car – with a full tank of gas, no less – for 4$ (and, presumably, a lifetime of repayments)
  6. A seminar discussing the merits of dental implants, led by a guy who sells said implants. Mmm, impartial.
  7. Kettle roasted peanuts, “as explained by kettle expert Mountain John”
  8. A doctor ready to treat anything “from minor trauma to allergies”, and specifically injuries from fish hooks
  9. The lowest price on Chevrolets and Cadillacs in the Kansas City area – or they give you $10,000! And a 50$ gas card with every purchase! Lower prices and higher standards! An American revolution!
  10. &c.

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