Good intentions

Currently reading this. It’s an interesting idea and engagingly written, with the possible exception of one chapter in which the author suffers from a minor bout of Gonzo and attempts to stop the crucifiction from taking place in a passion play. In any case, a later chapter mentions this review (currently offline at TNR’s site, so sorry for the odd link). Quote:

“Unlike people from religious traditions with long histories of involvement with politics, evangelicals have no firm foundation in history, theology, or experience against which they can judge the words that so easily come out of the mouths of politicians. Sincerity, for them, is everything, which is another way of saying that facts are nothing.”

I think this is the one of the more convincing theories I’ve read to address the seeming concern of many American voters with good intentions rather than good actions; the impulse that drives people to judge leaders based on the idea that they seem to have meant well, rather than the manifest evidence that, however well intentioned they may be, they’re leading us into mayhem.

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