Radio day

One of those odd experiences today: doing a BBC radio interview. We’re currently running a campaign at work and so, given the opportunity to talk about consumer rights and the Distance Selling Regulations on BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire, I trotted up the road to the BBC’s Western House.

The whole thing was pleasantly surreal. I was shown into a tiny studio, which looked rather like one would imagine: big clock, big mixing desk thing, three microphones with brightly coloured wind shields, three sets of headphones (three of everything, in fact, but one of me). After a bit the link came on, and after chatting briefly to the producer and listening to a bit of the Byrds, I was on air. Ten minutes or so of chatting about restocking fees and the like, and the whole thing was done.

On the way out I happened to spot the list of guests and noticed that the next studio was occupied by Tony Benn, presumably talking about something of great importance, then ran into Sarah Ferguson, presumably there to do nothing of the sort. All in all, though, an interesting experience.

(Picture of the studio by Russell Davies, used under Creative Commons license)

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