HD? Thank the Republicans.

I’m currently reviewing the Tangent Wi-Fi radio for work. It uses the Reciva system, so you can choose from thousands of stations by location and genre – so, obviously, given this huge choice I’ve found myself compelled to listen to right-wing crazies on American talk radio. This is always amusing, but today I came across a real gem: Rush Limbaugh speaking about High Definition video. So who won the HD war – was it the movie studios who supported Blu-Ray? Sony’s PS3 gamble? The porn industry? Any other often suggested theory? Nope – it was Rush. A few snippets from his thoughts on HD:

  • Women don’t care about picture quality, as they just want to push the button and have the device work
  • People “can thank” Rush for Blu-Ray winning the high def war
  • Rush owns every single Blu-Ray disc (except for some “dancing” ones)

Must remember this for my next article on the subject. Bonus technology-related Limbaugh fact: he’s also a noted Mac user (insert your own Think Different joke here).

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