But is it art?

I’m not normally prone to fits of Google-bashing – Google is my homepage (search bar be damned, I want a really big box to type keywords into), the only way that I manage to find anything online without tearing my own hair out* and, as far as I’m concerned, if the company takes over the world then it would at least be a better leader than Boris Johnson. Mind you, so would either one of my pet cats.

Google’s new Artist Themes, however, are really, really awful. I know it’s difficult to define what art is, but even I can come up with a pretty good list of what it isn’t:

  1. Coldplay
  2. Dolce & Gabbana
  3. Lance Armstrong

And so on and so on through most of the other “artist” themes. And then there’s something more objectionable than all of the above: Anne (bloody) Geddes, whose entire body of work consists of portraits of babies photoshopped into petals.

I know it’s rather silly to get wound up by this kind of thing, but on one occasion I found myself in a bookshop in Blackheath watching someone buy a hideous coffee table volume of Geddes’ hideous photos and it took all my willpower not to run over and attempt to intercede by, if necessary, breaking down and causing a scene. If I took all my photos of Hunter and Ralph as kittens then ineptly cloned them onto the standard Windows Vista desktop wallpaper photos the results would be more worthwhile. Maybe I should become an “artist”.

* I’d probably look better, but it hurts.

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