Fusion in Oxfordshire

Culham Research Centre clock

Spent yesterday at the Culham Science Centre, deep in the Oxfordshire countryside. I was there to play with viruses (details on workblog), but most of the research park is engaged in fascinatingly mindboggling nuclear fusion research like the Mega-Amp Spherical Tokamak, which I assume will one day take over the world. With this in mind, perhaps, the park has its own special police force.

It’s also an interesting clump of buildings – built on a former RAF base, the main centre has that kind of 1960s municipal building feel to it, all polished wood and aluminium, but because it’s frequented by scientists rather than schoolkids the whole place is in incredibly good repair and the original fittings have survived. I particularly liked this flicky clock in the seminar room (and have found that you can still buy one from Graysons – a snip at £250).

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