Bean counting

Our gas hob is on the blink again, so we’re reduced to cooking dishes that require no more than two saucepans or a single wok – it’s a bit like being a student again, only without the mouldy milk. Fortunately, gas hobs are relatively cheap (£100ish). Unfortunately you need a plumber to fit them (£as much as they can possibly charge).

Anyhow, while shopping for gas hobs I happened to stumble upon the coffee appliance section of the Sainsbury’s website. Check out the Miele CVA4085 – an espresso machine that’s a snip at just £1,720. Plus £19.99 for delivery. Or, to put it another way, more than buying a coffee in Pret every day for the next three years. This kind of thing makes me feel better about the possibility of an economic crisis.

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