Man buys car

From this BBC article:

When Sainsbury’s chief executive Justin King recently waved goodbye to his Maserati Quattroporte, he did so in favour of a relatively anonymous-looking limousine whose main claim to fame is fuel efficiency.

I should have thought of this when we last changed cars – in fact, at just over 1,000 words it could have covered 20% of the cost. Example:

When journalist Tom Royal recently waved goodbye to his dodgy Fiat Punto, he did so in favour of a relatively anonymous-looking Renault whose main advantages over the Fiat are not spontaneously overheating and actually starting in the morning.

Still, there are valuable insights packed away later in the article. I particularly like this one:

“I want to be as discreet as possible,” Mr King says.

Discreet in this case meaning a vast limousine described in the same piece as “complete with a reclining leather massaging seat and bundles of electronic gadgets”. If he really wants something anonymous. Mr King and I should arrange some sort of a swap.

In other news, today’s newspapers are packed with an alarming number of abuses of the hideous phrase “shout-out“.

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