Anthony sent me this wonder of fuckwittery, including a majestic quote:

“I think this all maybe started with the DVDs and music being pirated and it has just exploded, basically, into something quite different,” said model Yasmin Le Bon, an anti-counterfeit campaigner.”

From this I assume that one can become an anti-counterfeit campaigner by having absolutely no clue about anything that might have happened before around 1995, counterfeit or otherwise. With this in mind, I might set myself up as an anti whale campaigner. Did you know that the whole whale problem started with the Treaty of Versailles and then just exploded, basically, into a huge ocean-borne menace, hell bent on destroying the world’s plankton? It’s true.

Edit – the Guardian has more shiny pearls of Le Bon wisdom. Here she tries to appeal to the masses:

“This is something that really affects me because I’m in the fashion business,” said Le Bon. “It’s all very well buying that fake wallet in Dubai. But every time you do that, you’re helping organised crime. Many people are losing their lives.”

Ah, yes. I hate it when I land in Dubai in my private jet and, en route to the Burj Al Arab, purchase what I think is a wallet only to find that it’s actually a block of cheese. Deadly death cheese.

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