From the Guardian: “Tories unveil US-style ad campaign“. Quote:

The full-page advert in the Daily Mail, titled: “Reduce the Pressure”, contains the line: “Proper controls on immigration so our public services can cope.

The Conservative party chairman, Caroline Spelman, said: “We believe this campaign shows the Conservatives’ commitment to new politics. Our posters, advertisements and the brilliant new film show that we have the fresh ideas and thinking to bring real change to Britain

Ah, yes – if by “fresh ideas” you mean the same old crap, repackaged by another ad agency. And speaking of US-style anti-immigration advertising, let’s not forget how far some presidential candidates are prepared to sink. Wonder how long it’ll take the UK to follow?

Also, on a completely unrelated moan, “media” is a plural noun, and using the phrase “medias have” on the press information page of a website is guaranteed to drive any passing journalists into a fit of impotent rage, rather than impress them. For fuck’s sake.

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