Calls for Concern

Some people like to get in a strop about foreign call centres. These people are idiots. Proof, courtesy of the two calls we had to make this morning:

1) Helen calls bank to advise them that she’ll be using her credit card in Russia. Phones UK-based call centre, and explains that she’ll be in Russia. Where specifically? Moscow, then Saint Petersburg. Yes, Saint Petersburg. Where? Russia. Yes, they’re both in Russia. Moscow and Saint Petersburg are both cities in Russia – just as she’d explained at the outset. Add in the fact that she’s flying via Milan (bonus fact: Milan is not in Russia) and the whole geography lesson takes the best part of 15 minutes.

2) I call insurance company to wrangle over the details of our car insurance renewal. I phone call center based half a world away. Five minutes later, and it’s all sorted out. No confusion, nothing lost in translation, no massive holes in the general knowledge of the lady answering the phone. And £15 cheaper each month. Excellent.

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