Starting fresh

This evening I discovered that the old front page of this site, which contained a couple of links to other content held on my server, had been hacked. Not particularly badly – some evil person had managed to edit index.html and add some links to extremely dodgy porn sites at the very bottom of the page. The good news: these links weren’t visible. The bad news: because they weren’t visible, I hadn’t noticed them. Google’s cache suggests they’ve been on the page since at least the 8th of November.

Obviously, I don’t know how this happened. It could be something to do with the Fasthosts hacking incident – I received an email from the firm telling me to change all my passwords, which I did as soon as possible – or maybe one of my PHP scripts, or a PHP library, was vulnerable. In any case, it’s a pain. I’ve now changed my passwords, again, erased all the sites running from this server, blanked the SQL databases and reinstalled WordPress. What fun.

So – hopefully I’ll have time to reinstate some of the content from the old site in the near future. I’ll also put the old CSS design, or something like it, back as soon as I can convert it to a WordPress theme. For the meantime, though, this is it.

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